These shows were either one off performances or are no longer running;



Commissioned by MAYK for Mayfest, it was designed as a companion piece to ‘EAST’. Developed over a week long residency at Bristol Diving School, we collaborated with local artists and musicians to produce a short in a week. Using the town itself as inspiration, the story sees the daydreams of the anthropomorphised animals of Bristol Zoo.

 Created by:
Visuals; Nicholas Rawling and Imogen Charleston, with Becca Rose, Catherine Whyte,
David Bain, Joe Roberts and Lisa Yardly.
Music; Christopher Reed, Hazel Mills and William Newsome


The Lost World: 2009, running time approx 40 mins

And adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’, this piece was commissioned by  UNESCO’s City of Literature. This is a beloved tale of adventure, discovery and dinosaurs.  When lovestruck reporter Edward Malone agrees to travel to a remote South American plateau to impress his lady friend Gladys, he hopes to return a hero, but along with his four fellow Edwardian explorers, finds a Lost World beyond imagination, from which they’ll be lucky to return at all.

Created by
Visuals; Nicholas Rawling and Caroline Williams
Music; Kieron Maguire


EAST: 2009, running time approx 40 mins

Commissioned by London East festival 2009, the piece was a collaboration between The Paper Cinema and pianist Roger Eno. It is the companies only full colour show to date. The tale leads you down into a sleeping city, through its alleys and windows and into the dreams of its of sleeping citizens.

Created by
Visuals; Nicholas Rawling and Imogen Charleston
Music; Roger Eno.